2015 in Review at Accinov – (1) – First post of a series of new ones!

Need to catch up !

It has been a long time since we published our last post! In fact, these last times were really busy at Accinov with the launch our GMP facilities and the organization of a broad panel of events in our premises.

Finally, as we are heading to the end of the year, it is the perfect time to review 2015 key milestones. Isn’t it ?

Well, let’s start with Jan/Feb period, a serie of new posts to review our key events and seminar of the year.

January/February: a quick start for events coordination

  • In January, Accinov attended the general meeting of Adebiotech, a think tank dedicated to biotechnology. The past congresses of the association held in 2014 were reviewed along with key achievements. During the meeting, the topics to be addressed during 2015 congresses were discussed and Accinov was pleased to be invited to the scientific committee of Proteinov – congress focusing on protein and peptides stability and formulation. I will expand on this in a future post.

Logo Adebiotech

  • In February, Accinov participated in the B4B-Connection Bioproduction, one of the few meeting in France to addresss bioprocess and manufacturing issues in biotechnology. Quality-by-Design was a major topic of the meeting.

Logo B4B-Connection

  • On the 25th February, Accinov was happy to welcome Celld and Iprasense. Iprasense has developed a lense-free microscope based on holographic imaging. It introduces automation in cell culture monitoring as the Cytonote automatically counts cells, estimates confluency and growth curves. A new era in cell culture: forget your manual counters!
Cytonote: A lense-free microscope

The Cytonote: a lense-free microscope.

Logo Iprasense



Logo Celld






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